About The Movie

After two mysterious deaths at a college on the same night, seven students receive invitations to reveal what they know about the deceased inside a confession booth hidden on campus. Their confessions slowly unveil the truth behind not just the deaths, but the confessional as well. The dark, twisty, dialogue-driven and emotionally complex mystery is entirely confined to the video confessional booth.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Lucas Adams, Paris Berelc, Annalisa Cochrane, Jess Gabor, Brandon Larracuente, Vanessa Marano, Marcus Scribner, Jake Short and Mia Xitlali.

Writer: Jennifer Wolfe, original story by Corey Moss

Director: Brad T. Gottfred

Producers: Corey Moss, Brad Gottfred, Milan Chakraborty, James Short, John Short

Co-producers: Lauren Elizabeth, Cameron Fuller, Ace Salvador

Cinematographer: Tobias Deml

Editor: Brad Cruz

Casting Directors: Danielle Aufiero and Amber Horn

Production Designer: Sarah Asaly

Script Supervisor: Kelsey Roshetko

Costume Designer: Gabriela De Cos

Make-up Artist: Laura Calvo and Gabriela Castellano

Sound Mixer: Christian Lainez

1st Assistant Director: Ace Salvador

2nd Assistant Director: Noelani Mei

Assistant Cinematographers: Ted Cuartas, How Zany

Production Assistant: Ciera McGrew